The Bob Hanna Memorial Pre-Race

Bob Hannah Memorial Pre-Race
Paddlers warming up for the annual Pre-Race on the American River Parkway in Sacramento

Bob Hanna Memorial Pre-Race
Current Adventures Kayak School, in cooperation with The Great American Triathlon , co-sponsors this traditional warm-up training/paddle race as a way for kayak, SUP and canoe paddlers to prepare for Sacramento’s New Great American Triathlon Race. Registration and awards are done in the same divisions as  those for The Great American Triathlon Race.  This is an excellent opportunity to acquire more skills, develop confidence and get an appreciation of where you stand against your paddling competition.

2020 Date : Sunday, July 12th, 2020
Cancelled by Covid. Watch for this and other events to return with Gusto in 2021! Meanwhile keep healthy and strong and enjoy every day!
Dan Crandall

Eppies Great Race Pre Race Clinic   Time:
Registration can be in advance by contacting Current Adventures or  on-site reg and check in will begin at 8:30 a.m., at the south side of the lower sunrise footbridge, downstream of Sunrise Ave..
Cost: $25/person, payable to Current Adventures. We do rent and deliver/pick up boats with paddle, PFD ( life vest) and helmet to this event for just $40.00/package ( advance reservation required)

The race will begin at 9:30 a.m., and runs from the Sunrise footbridge to River Bend Park, covering the entire watercraft portion of The Great American Triathlon Race course. There will be snacks, awards and great prizes for all paddlers after the race.Helmets and life jackets are required for the Bob Hanna Memorial Pre-Race. Racers must provide their own equipment, or arrange for kayak and equipment rentals prior to race day through Current Adventures. All boats must be unsinkable. Paddlers must arrange their own shuttles, although some provision may be available from other participants and Current Adventures on race day. A portion of the proceeds from this event go to benefit a variety of local charities, including the American River Parkway Foundation.  Current Adventures Kayak School and The Great American Triathlon definitely suggest kayaking instruction before you participate in either the Bob Hanna Memorial Pre-Race or The Great American Triathlon events.

Sacramento Kayak lessons and training
For great options on Kayaking instruction check out Current Adventures Kayak School and Trips . We offer kayaking instruction, race training and kayak rental options specifically designed for The GAT and paddlers of all skill levels.
Be sure to check out the Great American Triathlon website for more info on The New Great Race! Call Current Adventures Kayak School and trips at 530-333-9115 or 888-452-9254 for more info on kayaking instruction, GAT race day rentals or the Bob Hanna Memorial Pre-Race.



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