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It’s time for Surf Kayak Clinics!

24 November 2015 6 Comments

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Kayak Surfing- coaching clinics

dan--surf2.jpg Come have fun and learn the art and skill of Kayak Surfing from one of the best in these user friendly Surf Kayak clinics.!

  Dan Crandall, two time National surf kayak Champion, 2005 World Master’s Champion and continuous member or qualifier for the World Championship US West Kayak Surfing Team since 1991, has been riding waves competitively since 1989. His personal and competitive experience combined with his unique instructional knowledge and style make these sessions invaluable for novice and advanced surfers alike.
  Dan will go over the basics of surf zone kayaking, including, but not limited to, reading sets, selecting launch sites, proper bracing technique, getting through the waves, where to set up, catching waves, staying on them, getting off them(!), proper landing techniques, and surf etiquette. Dan is an ACA certified Instructor and Instructor Trainer. These clinics are designed to help you gain skills and awareness for surfing on your own or competitively. Kayaks can be provided for those that need them, however, you are highly encouraged to bring your own craft.
For more information call toll free 1-888-452-9254.

   2013 quick recap! What a GREAT kayak surfing season we had on some super fun waves! Guys and gals all got lots of opportunities to try new boats, surf different kinds of waves and get a better understanding of surfing  and the etiquette involved. The January session in particular had both venues and so much surfing it was hard to get folks off the water! Capitola was firing on all cylinders for those with a good roll and interest in getting onto the green and going for it

2015 -2016 Surf Class Dates:
Dec 12-13 Times TBA
Jan 9-10 Times TBA
February 20-21, 9am-2pm
More TBA

Times: 9:00am-2:00pm
Location: Meet in Capitola or Moss Landing based on current conditions.
Cost: $110/day or $190/2 consecutive days
Prerequisites: A good roll and class II river skills (i.e. River Kayaking 2 or better)
Surf Kayak: Bring your own boat (per approval from instructor) or request a kayak for your session.
Client Comments:
Have I mentioned yet that kayak surfing was fun – heart pounding, adrenaline rush, screaming good fun? That’s what it all comes down to. We learned a bunch of practical information and had a great time. -Mike

Thanks for your energy and patience in the surf kayak clinic – it was a blast for me to be back on the water. -Neil

Kayak Surfing competitions:

For those interested in kayak surfing competitions keep these events in mind:

Davenport Paddle Surf Classic:

Davenport is a legendary surf kayak break about 20 minutes north of Santa Cruz. Surf Kayak, Wave Ski and SUP craft are welcome.
Santa Cruz Surf Paddlefest:
Santa Cruz is the largest kayak surfing contest in the world and attracts some of the best kayak surfers on the planet.

Both of the above competitions are USWSKA  sanctioned surf kayak events and provide opportunity for some of the best kayak surfing competition and spectator viewing available in the world!.


December 13, 2015 12:00 amtoDecember 14, 2015 12:00 am
January 9, 2016
12:00 am

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