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Kayaking The Grand Canyon 2015 and 2016 – Whitewater Kayak Trip of a lifetime!

6 December 2014 2 Comments

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Kayaking The Grand Canyon with Current Advantures Kayaking and AZRA

Kayaking the Grand Canyon- the ultimate kayaking Adventure for whitewater kayakers. Current Adventures Kayak School and Trips and AZRA

Join Current Adventures for a truly awesome whitewater kayak trip on the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River.

We begin our kayaking adventure at Lee’s Ferry.  Not far downstream the rumble of Badger Rapid gets our hearts pumping.  Badger is the first of  the Grand Canyon’s many fabulous whitewater rapids.  The adrenalin rush of successfully navigating exploding, intimidating rapids like Granite, Hance, Crystal and Lava offers a thrill like no other.  World class waves offer unparalleled opportunity for hours of sweet kayak surfing with ear to ear grins. Of course, you don’t even have to be a kayaker to join the trip. Rafters or kayakers with lesser skills can easily participate and have as much or more fun riding the rafts and paddling where they are comfortable.
On our fourteen day journey We experience a unique isolation from the modern world as we paddle over fourteen days and 225 river miles. Navigate exhilarating whitewater rapids, glide peacefully along breathtakingly beautiful flat water stretches and build friendships to last a lifetime. We surrender repeatedly to the siren calls and unique character of the Grand Canyon’s many magical side canyons and attractions.

  • North Canyon’s red rock amphitheatres
  • Chalky blue waters of the Little Colorado and Havasu,
  • Inviting plunge pool of Elves Chasm
  • Twisting labyrinth of  Matkatamiba.
  • Petroglyph studded patios just above plunging Deer Creek Falls.

gc-river-read   Big Horn Sheep balance on towering boulders placing wagers on which whitewater kayaker will run a good line through pounding Deubendorff Rapid.  Mule Deer graze quietly among the rustling Tamarisk as twilight sets the stage for erratic bat ballets. Evening camp visitors may include mischievous ringtail cats and kangaroo rats.

As our kayak trip comes to a close we’ll take out at Diamond Creek and reluctantly head back to Flagstaff. We’ve never met a paddler yet though who hasn’t wanted to go right back to Lee’s Ferry to start the journey all over again.

Arizona Raft Adventures (AZRA) is the licensed concessionaire of Grand Canyon National Park and the outfitter that we use for all of our Grand Canyon trips and it is them who provides motorized raft support for the trip.  Motor rigs are the perfect support vehicles for this extended whitewater kayak trip. Their ability to quickly cover river miles when needed adds convenience and flexibility to our days on the water and helps us have a better chance to hit the best campsites and hikes and truly get the most out of our itinerary regardless of winds, weather, etc. . AZRA’s raft guides will enthrall you with discourses on geology, Canyon flora and fauna, Major Powell’s expedition and more while navigating the river or cooking a gourmet meal. Like us, you’ll likely count them as some of your new best friends by trips end !

Of course Current Adventures’ guides  (including owner Dan Crandall) are equally awesome.  Dan’s been teaching  kayaking for over 25 years and has led whitewater kayaking adventure trips around the World, including many trips down the mighty  Grand Canyon.  Dan and the other guides will help you build skills,  camaraderie and memories that will last a lifetime.

Kayaking Adventure Dates

 August 28th-September 10th, 2016 is now booking!

COST: ( $3950) Early Bird Special

August   30th-September 12th, 2015   (NOTE:  This trip is currently full, but we are taking names for our wait list, as we often have one or more folks who transfer out, please contact us to get on the list or check out our 2016 Grand Canyon trip that we are now taking deposits and reservations for (<:)

Prerequisites: Rafters- a sense of adventure and curiosity!,  whitewater kayakers- Class III skills and a solid river roll

We hope you’ll come with us on this whitewater kayak trip of a lifetime and experience the Grand Canyon in a way that so few have. We know it will be a kayaking adventure you will cherish and tell stories about for years to come (<:

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