Used Touring kayaks for sale (Recreational, Touring and Fishing)

used touring kayaks for sale

Used Touring Kayaks for sale

     Are you thinking about getting your first kayak or a gently used kayak for paddling lakes, calm rivers or Eppies Great Race? If so, Current Adventures Kayak School and The River Store have a LOT of used kayaks for you to choose from.

Scroll down for our newest list of used kayaks for sale and some great deals!! (January 20, 2019)

We know that there are a lot of kayaks out there to choose from and many places to buy them. We also know that it can be very confusing trying to make a smart choice. We work hard to provide unbeatable customer service and to make sure that folks get the right start in kayaking. That includes our very personal way of helping folks understand the choices of kayaks and paddles that will work best for them. Owner Dan Crandall or his experienced and friendly staff  meet personally (best by appointment, plan for one or more hours)  with interested folks to make sure all of their questions are answered and they are prepared to make the right choices. Dan has been educating new and continuing paddlers for over 25 years, and is a multi-year Eppies Champion, National and World Surf Kayak Champion and more. Whether you are looking for Sea Kayaks, Whitewater Kayaks, used Fishing Kayaks (Sit on tops) or recreational kayaks for calm water kayaking, we can help you determine which used kayaks are best for your intended use as well as the proper “fit” for you physically and in terms of  your experience level, budget and other relevant factors. Bottom line,  we have a great selection of quality used touring kayaks, with many of them only very lightly used this season. Some have only seen a few demos or Eppies training sessions on the water! Our boats are not rentals, they are only used for classes and demos – stored inside otherwise. We carry models from Wilderness Systems, Dagger, Perception, Wave Sport, Necky, Liquid Logic and Pyranha. Most of the boats on our used touring kayaks list are excellent choices for use in Eppies Great Race as well as lake, bay or easy river paddling. If you want the best experience buying your used kayaks, contact us by phone at 530-333-9115 or by e-mail to and we’ll get you set up right!

Check out the selection below, or call us  for more recent additions to the list of available used kayaks ( and new) for sale.


KAYAK MODEL used kayak          PRICE     Condition Rudder ??
Alchemy 14s  red or molten-2016
$925   near new skeg
Alchemy 14s lime green – 2014 $775 excellent skeg
 Alchemy s red – 2011 $625  very good  skeg
Pungo 140 mango- 2014 $725      excellent no
Pungo 140 red – 2017 $785   near new no
 Pungo 140  galaxy – 2016 $775  excellent  no
Carolina 12  sunset`2018 $775     near new no
Carolina 14 Orange -2013 $725     excellent yes
Carolina 14 Orange -2014 $725     excellent no
Carolina 12 teal/white 2015 $675    excellent no
Carolina 12 moxi – 2018 $775 near new no
Elaho Sport – white – older model $675     good yes
Expression 14.5 Mango $675 near new yes
 Zephyr 15.5 blue 2016 $1099  near new  skeg
Tribute 12 -Sunset (2)- 2018 $599   near new no
Tribute 14 Red/yellow -2014 $725 excellent yes
Tempest 170 dk blue -2016 $1199  near new skeg
Tempest 165 lime green – 2016 $1199  near new skeg
 Tarpon 120 – red 2017 $660  near new  no
 Tarpon 140 – red 2017 $725  near new  no
  Tribute 10 Teal 2015 $499  near new  no
Tsunami 135 red 2017
$1025  near new yes
Tsunami 140 – Borealis – 2018 $1025     excellent no
Tsunami 140 red – 2016  
$1025     excellent yes
Tsunami 140  blue- 2017 $1075     good yes
 Tsunami 145 Teal Green 2015 $925  near new  no
 Tsunami 145 red  – 2016  SOLD! $925  near new  no
Tsunami 145  Blue-   2016 $1075 Excellent yes
Tsunami 145 red-2009 SOLD! $825  very good, new hatch covers and bulkhead yes
  Expression 11.5 $663  near new  no
   Ride 11.5 2017 blem
$818  near new no
  Pungo 140 2018 lime, mango, galaxy $799  near new  no
 Tsunami 125 2016  indigo $875  near new  no
 Tsunami 140-  2018, indigo  $975  near new  no
  Pungo 120 – 2018, solar, mango, midnight  $775  near new  no
 Carolina 14  – 2018, Mango, Moxie, Sunset, mango  $775  near new  no

We update our list regularly, but used touring kayaks on this list may have been sold previously or new ones may not be listed. Feel free to call us toll free at 1-888-452-9254 (1-888-4kayaking) to get the latest updates on our used kayaks  (and new) for sale.

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