Accelerated White Water Kayak Instruction

Accelerated Whitewater Kayak Instruction Camp – Beginning
(South Fork American River )

( See below for Intermediate/Advanced and Trinity River options)

The SF American is a great river to learn to whitewater kayak.These 4-day whitewater kayak instruction camps are for paddlers interested in learning and progressing more quickly than our regular series of 2 day programs allows. One must be in good physical condition and confident they’ll advance more quickly than the average participant. Space is limited, so sign up early!

It’s perfect for athletic beginners, sea kayakers or folks who’ve paddled on the river without formal instruction. We teach the fundamental whitewater kayaking skills before bad habits develop. Includes all equipment.

2019 Beginner Camp Dates:

4 Day Beginner Camps  —South Fork American River


Cost:  $ 580 for 4 days
Location: South Fork American River.

Client Comments: I was not disappointed in any way by my visit to Lotus.  I have never had such good instruction, to say nothing of the gorgeous venue.  My onside roll has taken a quantum leap for the better as I have incorporated the things I learned in April.  My river running is better too, thanks to Jason. ” R. Lind

Accelerated Whitewater Kayak instruction Camp -Intermediate/Advanced
South Fork American River)

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Our whitewater kayak instruction camp is the best value for enhancing your kayaking skills up to the Class III+ level quickly and effectively.  We’ll work on developing a strong  river kayak roll and solid Class III to III+ skills.

Would you like to be a solid, confident paddler on runs like Chili Bar, Gorge, Shirttail and more?

Do you feel the need for others to guide or run safety for you on every paddle?

Become a self-sufficient paddler and expand where and with whom you can boat! Includes all equipment, camping and kayak roll instruction in our on-site pool!

2019 Intermediate Camp Dates: South Fork American River

Cost:  $580 for 4 days of small group, high quality instruction/coaching
Location: South Fork American River.
Prerequisite: Previous RK1 & RK2, or comparable instruction and some previous roll instruction.

 Accelerated Whitewater Kayak Instruction Camp  -Intermediate/Advanced
Trinity River)

The Trinity River is an excellent river to learn to whitewater kayak with over 20 miles of available runs from Class I to Class III+. With very few other boaters, there is little competition for the warm water & fun rapids. We have reserved space at the wonderful Del Loma Resort and the camping fee is  included in the price.  We’ll have access to their many amenities as well as their on site pool for kayak roll instruction or tune-up.
Brandi Brune in the Gorge at Whitewater kayak camp

2019 Intermediate Camp Dates: Trinity River
4 days, 3 nights

Prerequisite: Previous RK1 & RK2, or comparable whitewater kayak instruction  and some previous kayak roll instruction.

Current Adventures operates under a special use permit from the Shasta-Trinity National Forest to operate on the Trinity River and is a non-discriminating and equal opportunity service provider.

Whatever your current skill level, Current Adventures has a whitewater kayak instruction program to fit your needs. Call us at 1-888-4kayaking (1-888-452-9254) and we’d be happy to get you signed up for the right program today!