Swiftwater Rescue Training for Kayakers

Swiftwater Rescue Training for Kayakers

Unlike kayak safety courses from most other sources, our swiftwater rescue classes are specifically designed for whitewater paddlers.
River reading considerations, recognition of potential hazards and skills and equipment necessary for rescues are all unique for individual kayakers and canoeists.
Ask other paddlers and they’ll tell you that no one brings more knowledge and experience to teaching this whitewater safety rescue course than Current Adventures Kayak School. We’ve offered these classes since we started in 1994 and are continually adding information and techniques relevant to changes in the sport.    The only requirement is beginning Class II boating skills, and ENCOURAGE NEW BOATERS to take this class as early as possible in their boating regimen.

Cost: $199 (two days)
Time: 8:30am-6pm
2021 Dates: TBD

Prerequisites: RK1 or equivalent beginning Class II skills.
Progression: Swiftwater Rescue 2 for more advanced scenarios and techniques. Swiftwater Rescue 1 or Swiftwater Rescue 2 every two years to keep current and refreshed.

Client Comments:“Thanks for the instruction this past weekend in the swift water rescue course.  It was outstanding and it drastically changed my mentality regarding river safety . Personally, one of my biggest fears is/was swimming whitewater since the few opportunities I’ve had were under less than controlled circumstances. Your ability to make participants feel comfortable was especially appreciated by those of us with little or no experience in any type of rescue situation.”       ~  Dave

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