River F.A.Q.

What gear do I need to bring for a river class?

  • Current Adventures provides all of the gear you’ll need for most river classes including; a kayak, paddle, sprayskirt, helmet, PFD/life jacket and paddling jacket. To select the correct gear for you we’ll need your height and weight. We will also provide a farmer john wetsuit in cold weather or by request. If you have a Farmer John or Shorty wetsuit you may want to use your own.
  • You will get wet so avoid cotton clothing.  The evaporative cooling effect of wet cotton can cause you to be very cold, even on warm days. Wear a swimsuit, board shorts or other appropriate quick-dry clothing.
  • Bringing polypropylene, capilene or other thermal quick-dry layer(s) is a good idea in cold weather or even in warm weather if you get cold easily.
  • We don’t provide footwear so bring diving type booties or thin-soled, flexible tennis shoes (that can get wet). Tevas or other sandals are not a good choice to wear in a whitewater kayak.  They are usually too bulky to fit well and can sometimes get hung up when you’re exiting the kayak.
  • Bring a water bottle, such as a bicycle style one, filled with drinking water or juice.
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses with retainer strap.
  • Lunch is a must have to keep you going all day!
  • Tips for your instructors are optional, but always appreciated. $20 per person per day is a standard tip.

I have some experience sea kayaking, can I skip the first river kayaking class?
Sea kayaks and river kayaks are very different in their design. Both have unique features relevant to their intended purpose.  As a result, they handle quite differently in the water.  We highly recommend taking the first level of either class, Sea Kayaking 1 or River Kayaking 1. It’s important that you lay a solid foundation for your learning progression.

Do I need to learn to roll my kayak before taking river lessons?
No.  It is not required and you may even find that the skills you learn in your river kayaking class help when you begin to learn your roll in a pool.

What is taught in RK1, RK2, and RK3?
In general, River Kayaking 1 or RK1 provides an introduction to the boat and gear, addresses getting into and out of the boats, and teaches wet exits, bow rescues, forward and steering strokes, self rescue, eddy turns, peel outs, and Class I-II river reading.

River Kayak2 or RK2 continues working on all of the above, and adds basic surfing skills, increased use of edging, more on basic safety, more advanced river reading, and an introduction to rolling. After taking RK2 you may want to consider one of our Pool Roll classes.

River Kayaking 3 or RK3 teaches more advanced strokes as well as when to use them.

What is the difference between a “roll session” and “river rolling”?
Our Private Roll classes and regularly scheduled Saturday Roll classes are held in The River Store’s pool.  Both sea kayakers and river kayakers can learn to roll a kayak in these comfortable and controlled classes.  Since there are no distractions you can focus on mastering this basic move. Once you’ve got a “pool roll” down you can move on to our River Rolling class.  In this class you’ll work on a “river roll” or “combat roll”. This one-day class combines instruction on land, practice in the river, and videotaped feedback of student performance.

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