Touring F.A.Q.

What type of kayaks do you use?
For the most part our Sea Kayaking classes are taught in decked kayaks also known as “touring kayaks” or “sea kayaks.”  These boats are designed with a cockpit that you sit down in and with the use of a sprayskirt are able to keep water out of the boat.  They are generally molded plastic and differ in design from inflatable or recreational boats. Occasionally we use Sit On Tops for larger folks.

What do I need to bring for a touring/sea kayaking class or outing?

  • Current Adventures provides all of the gear you’ll need for most touring or sea kayaking classes or outings including; a kayak, paddle, sprayskirt, PFD/life jacket and paddling jacket. To select the correct gear for you we’ll need your height and weight. We will also provide a farmer john wetsuit in cold weather or by request. If you have a Farmer John or Shorty wetsuit you may want to use your own.
  • You may get wet so avoid cotton clothing.  The evaporative cooling effect of wet cotton can cause you to be very cold, even on warm days. Wear a swimsuit, board shorts or other appropriate quick-dry clothing.
  • Bringing polypropylene, capilene or other thermal quick-dry layer(s) is a good idea in cold weather or even in warm weather if you get cold easily.
  • We don’t provide footwear so bring diving type booties or thin-soled, flexible tennis shoes (that can get wet). Tevas or other sandals can be a good choice if they’re not too bulky.
  • Bring a water bottle, such as a bicycle style one, filled with drinking water or juice.
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses with retainer strap.
  • A lunch or snack break is incorporated into many of our classes and trips.  It is always a good idea to have some food with you.  Some folks even bring things to share.
  • Tips for your instructors are optional, but always appreciated. $20 per person per day is a standard tip.

What should I wear?
We highly recommend that you wear clothing that is made with synthetic material such as capilene, polypropylene or even nylon. These garments  will provide thermal protection, even when wet. Cotton will draw heat from the body when it is wet.  That is great for a hot summer day, but uncomfortable on a cool, windy day! Loose fitting, comfortable clothes, layered for active paddling are best. We provide paddling jackets, and in some cases wet suits, that are water and wind resistant for your added protection and comfort.

Can I wear my tennis shoes?
Tennis shoes are acceptable if you have no other options but there are better shoes for kayaking!  Diving booties, reef walkers or any other inexpensive rubber or neoprene sock offer thermal protection and also fit in the boat better.  In the summer, “Tevas” or other well strapped sandals are good for those with smaller size feet.

Can I use my own kayaking gear during the class?
We do recommend that you use your own gear if you have it. We prefer to teach you in the gear you will regularly use so you feel comfortable and confident on your own. Your instructor has the final say on whether your kayak is appropriate for your class and skill level.  Instructors are happy to offer tips on how to make your kayak fit more comfortably and work better for you.

Do I receive a discount if I use my own kayaking gear in a class or trip?
We offer a 25% discount if you bring your own boat and gear on our Cosumnes River Preserve EcoTour.  You must have prior approval to use your own kayak.  Please let us know what model kayak you have when you make your reservation. A gear discount is only available for the Cosumnes River Preserve EcoTour.  You are welcome to bring your own kayak and gear on other classes and trips, with prior approval, but we won’t apply a discount.

What if I don’t have my own kayaking gear?
We provide kayaks and all the gear you’ll need for all of our touring and sea kayaking classes and outings.  Kayaks, inflatable kayaks, paddles, paddling clothing and camping gear are available to rent. See our rentals page.

Where can I purchase kayaking gear?
The River Store offers a wide array of river clothing and equipment. The River Store is located at 1032  Lotus Road, Lotus, California.  Their phone number is (530) 626-3435.

Is it appropriate to tip my instructor or guide?
Tipping is not mandatory however it is much appreciated. Our instructors say a standard tip is $20 per person per day  but they frequently receive more.

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