Kayak Roll Lessons with Dan Crandall

Learn a bombproof kayak roll that you can TRUST!

Dan Crandall (of “The Kayak Roll” video) has been teaching folks how to roll a kayak for 29 years! Dan has a unique ability to get you started on the right path or bring your shaky old eskimo roll around to a thing of grace and ease. Each individual’s personal mental focus points are by far the most important elements in developing a kayak roll that will work for them whenever and wherever.Rolling without a paddle

Dan or Current Adventures other veteran instructors can help you find what works for you: your “best” or “purest” roll.

If you’ve never experienced your “pure” kayak roll—one that is so effortless that you’d swear someone else rolled you up, then you need to get with someone who can help you find that sweet spot. The River Store instructional pool provides an excellent environment for mastering this counter intuitive maneuver.

Imagine having a combat roll that your paddling friends are envious of!  With the right guidance it’s easier than you think! If you’re learning a new roll (offside, hand, back deck) or your roll only works part of the time, we can work with you to get it up to speed. Like our other kayak classes, we provide a 3:1 student/instructor ratio MAX for kayak roll sessions.Learn the kayak roll with Dan Crandall

Client Comments: Dan – I just wanted to let you know that I was paddling the Salmon last week, and I hit several combat rolls – thanks to your magnificent instruction!!  Now working on my left-side roll. Hope to see you soon, hugs, Lochlann

Dan, I have been reviewing the videos of my roll class and I must say you did an excellent job instructing me. Thank you. Jon

Whatever your kayak roll looks like now, Dan Crandall and Current Adventures kayak rolling instruction can help you move forward and have confidence in this all important skill for paddlers of all disciplines!

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