Instructor Profile: John Weed

“In 1972 a semi truck hit my bike and I wasn’t expected to live.” The accident left him with a limp, but didn’t stop the former high school & college track star. He picked up a kayak paddle and became a two time member of the US Wild Water Racing Team. The SF Chronicle, NY Times and a book mention his kayaking exploits.

How many years have you paddled?
43. I wanted to try it after watching slalom kayak debut in the 1972 Olympics from my hospital bed. 

Where are you from?
Born in San Rafael, raised in Folsom, living in Garden Valley now

How many years have you taught kayaking?
22 years. I’m a certified white water kayak instructor with additional training in first aid, CPR and swift water rescue.

 What do you like best about teaching?
Turning other people on to a lifetime passion and getting paid to play!

Where is your favorite place to paddle?
The lower American River.

You hold 2 Eppies Great Race team division records. How many Eppies have you raced? 40 out of 42 

You’ve raced in some awesome places like the Molokai in Hawaii and from Catalina Island to Los Angeles. What’s the furthest you’ve ever raced? 460 miles

True to form, John gave this interview while paddling upstream in the lower American River while training for Eppies 42.

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