Alex Horangic

[singlepic id=428 w=320 h=240 float=left]Instructor – Whitewater programs
Alex Horangic has been an avid whitewater paddler for over ten years. Introduced to the sport by an opportunity to row a raft down the Grand Canyon she quickly spent the next few months learning to read and run the river. While attending college for a degree in geology at Humboldt State University she spent a majority of her time on the river. Alex has been instructing kayaking for six years ranging in instruction from beginning classes to advanced technical whitewater instruction. Alex has a calm demeanor and focuses on technique improvement as well as finesse while paddling. While not instructing Alex spends her time following water around California and the world with no plans of ever stopping.

xxxClient Comments
xxxxxAlex is a great instructor.  Lots of fun, and very thorough, patient and clear.  My son and I are both amazed at the progress we made in one day.  -Rick, June 2010

xxxxxAlex is one of the best instructors I’ve had anywhere…  -Tony, April 2010

xxxxxThe roll lessons I had with you (Dan) and Alex have made kayaking a blast because I’m so confident now.  -Steven, August 2009

xxxxxI’m home after my RK1 women’s class with Alex, exhausted and happy about it. You are fortunate to have such instructors as Alex. She is caring, patient, and so obviously passionate about what she does, and as a bonus, totally engaging while being completely professional. I very much enjoyed my time on the river with her class. I am confident that my skills have improved exponentially as a result of her ability to diagnose a problem, present a solution, and help me execute it.  I feel fortunate to have had her as an instructor and look forward to taking another of her classes. Thank you for providing me with such an excellent experience.  -Victoria, August 2009

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