Dan Crandall

[singlepic id=301 w=320 h=240 float=left]Dan has been kayaking since 1989, when he jumped into a Dancer and a roll class, followed by surf kayaking the next day and the Santa Cruz Surf festival two weeks later. Six months later he was an ACA certified whitewater instructor, and running a kayak school. He started Current Adventures 5 years later, and has been engrossed in all aspects of the sport ever since. Dan still teaches most of our Kayak Roll clinics, Surf Kayaking and Eppies Training classes. Dan has been a continuous member of the US Surf Kayak Team since 1991, is two time National Surf Kayak Champion and a 2005 World Surf Kayak Champion.

Client Comments
I can’t say enough good stuff about Dan Crandall, he was really one of the best teachers, if not the very best, I’ve ever had. He made me work, which was good. …he just knows how everything works…and how to explain it so as to be crystal clear – with a minimum of words. And that takes skill. He’s just a nice guy too… -Sarah, Oct 2010

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