Whitewater Kayaking Instruction (RK1, RK2, RK3- Beginning Series)

Whitewater Kayaking Instruction

on Sacramento’s American River!

Learn to paddle the right way in our exciting, professionally taught river kayaking lessons (<: (Scroll down for dates, pricing and more info on our whitewater kayak classes (<:

Whitewater kayak lessonsFor 25 years Current Adventures’ whitewater kayaking instruction program is where California paddlers have sent their friends and family to learn to kayak the right way! The proven itinerary of our whitewater kayak classes is the fastest way to get started in the exciting sport!!  Our small classes assure not only personal attention, but more success and a safer experience as well. 

We run our whitewater kayak classes with a 3:1 student/instructor ratio or better – the best in the industry!

In Whitewater River Kayaking 1 (RK1) you’ll develop the foundation and skills necessary to paddle on your own with friends. Our friendly, experienced instructors start  in the pool or easy moving water, overcoming any fears while  introducing basic paddling strokes & techniques. By Day 2, you’ll amaze yourself as you paddle through the eddies and currents under your own power. With increasing confidence and boat control you’ll weave and glide down a new stretch of the river and by the end of the day you’ll be planning your return for River Kayaking 2!!

      All 2 day River Kayaking (RK -1, 2 ,3 ) courses feature:
Price includes: 2 full days of whitewater kayaking instruction with a 3:1 student to instructor ratio, all kayaking gear and required put in fees. Ask about local riverside camping (Additional Fees to be discussed). If you prefer indoor accommodations instead of camping we have great options for you as well.  Just ask  🙂   888-4-KAYAKING (888-452-9254) or info@currentadventures.com

Times: 9am-4pm ( about 5-6 hours on water time)
Meeting Location: The River Store, 1032 Lotus Road, Lotus, CA

Dates – 2018 :
Beginning River Kayaking  (RK-1): 

May 25-26 (Fr.-Sat.), May 26-27, June 02-03, June 09-10, June 14-15*, June 16-17, June 23-24, June 30-July 01, July 05-06*, July 07-08, July 14-15, July 21-22, July 26-27*, July 28-29, Aug. 02-03*, Aug. 04-05, Aug. 11-12, Aug. 16-17*, Aug. 18-19, Aug. 25-26, Aug. 21-Sept. 01 (Fri.-Sat.), Sept. 01-02, Sept. 08-09, Sept. 15-16 (Fri.-Sat.), Sept. 22-23, Sept. 27-28*, Sept. 29-30, Oct. 06-07, Oct. 20-21,

RK-2  Dates, 2018:
May 24-258 (Th.-Fr.), June 07-08*, June 16-17, July 07-08, July 12-13*, July 28-29, Aug. 04-05, Aug. 09-10*, Aug. 18-19, Aug. 30-31*, Sept. 02-03*(Sun.-Mon.), Sept. 29-30, Oct. 13-14

RK-3 Dates, 2018:
Mar. 31-April 01, April 21-22, May 26-27, June 09-10, July 14-15, Aug. 11-12, Sept. 01-02, Sept. 22-23, Oct. 27-28

Make Your Own Group Class:
Gather a group of three or more paddlers and set your own date at our regular group price! Call us for details.

What is taught in RK1, RK2, and RK3?
In general, River Kayaking 1 or RK1 provides an introduction to the boat and gear, addresses getting into and out of the boats, and teaches wet exits, bow rescues, forward and steering strokes, self rescue, eddy turns, peel outs, and Class I-II river reading.

River Kayak2 or RK2 continues working on all of the above, and adds basic surfing skills, increased use of edging, more on basic safety, more advanced river reading, and an introduction to rolling. After taking RK2 you may want to consider one of our Pool Roll classes.

River Kayaking 3 or RK3 teaches more advanced strokes as well as when to use them.

Group Private Kayak Class




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Client Comments:
And again, many thanks to you for getting me back out on the water.  I’ve not felt the exuberance I experienced last Sunday in quite some time.  People wanted to know what that big
grin on my face was all about 😉
With gratitude,
We have lots of guaranteed water releases year round and especially in the summer when other rivers are low –making The American River the river of choice for kayaking and other river fun!!

Whitewater kayaking instruction and American River kayaking trips for the discerning and adventurous paddler!

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