Bombproof River Rolling

Transition Your Kayak Pool Roll to a Combat River Roll!

Are you tired of watching others have all the fun? Our Bombproof River Rolling class is designed to greatly increase your confidence and skills for a reliable river roll.

First your instructor will review your kayak roll technique in the pool along with a possible video critique.  Then you’ll take your successful pool roll to the river.  We’ll practice bombproof river rolling in progressively faster moving current to boost your confidence.

will help you make the transition from bystander to confident play boater and river runner!

Cost: $125/person/
Prerequisites: River Kayaking 2 or equivalent and previous kayak roll session demonstrating a consistently successful pool roll.
Progression: Many of our clients take Bombproof River Rolling a number of times. You can also consider a play boating class to really put your new combat river roll to the test!

2021 Dates:

Client Comments:
“Hey Dan,
I just got home from the Richmond Plunge roll practice (and brews afterward) and have to tell you …
I rolled and rolled and rolled.  I never needed a bow rescue, and never came out of my boat!  Finally!
Thank you for your patience and pointed instruction to help this stubborn soul finally do it!” Susan

Kayak Roll Session details
Not ready to roll your kayak on the river quite yet? Try a Kayak Roll Session in our solar heated above ground pool conveniently located on site at The River Store.

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